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We represent people who wish to partner with a law firm that listens to them, communicates with them and works with them to accomplish their goals within the precepts of the law in Missouri. People retain us when other attorneys tell them that they have to settle for results that they feel are contrary to the best interest of their children or are unfair to them.

Selecting the right attorney to represent you is one of the most important steps in family law litigation.



Family Law Issues

Asset Valuation
Business Valuation
Child Support
Child Custody/Visitation
Undivided Property
Legal Separation


Why Choose Us

Our philosophy is that the best attorney is the most prepared. Our thorough process and methodology provides clients with the best representation. We take our clients and their objectives seriously and we aggressively pursue their objectives.


An attorney helps a client reach a successful resolution in a family law case by knowing the law. We pride ourselves on making the practice of law the study of the law. We have spent over twenty years learning the intricacies of the law that apply to domestic relations cases.


Your family law case will reach resolution in one of three ways. It will be tried, settled, or dismissed. The best practice is to prepare as if your case will be tried, while hoping that it can be resolved amicably. We will stand with you to work and achieve the best result possible in your family law matter.

Aggressive representation is not synonymous with loud, rude or abusive behavior. Aggressive representation only occurs with preparedness. Many dissolution attorneys make excuses for their lack of performance. At our firm, we do not permit ourselves to make excuses. We have the expertise to determine the contested issues. We know how to apply the law to the issues at contest. We excel at working hand in hand with our clients to present the facts in a way that persuades trial judges that they have no choice but to rule in our client’s favor.


The best case is a prepared case. In today’s society there exist so many records that provide information about all of us. For years we have worked to gain the ability to understand complex financial and legal documents. Often times through review of documents we are able to piece together the facts that result in our client’s receiving favorable results in their family law cases.


From a very early age regardless of gender you have planned to marry and parent. Most of the time, the the breakup of your family becomes a heart wrenching experience. We understand the emotional difficulties one suffers in family litigation. We strive to be available to our clients, to listen to them and sometimes to direct them to other types of professionals for help.



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