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In Missouri, §452.305 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri instructs the Courts and litigants of Missouri, as to what is necessary to acquire a Dissolution of Marriage. Each person desiring a divorce in Missouri must file a Petition for Dissolution. When one files a Petition for Dissolution that party sues his or her spouse for divorce.

The Dissolution Court must, in every divorce case, make determinations as to the custody of the parties’ children, the allocation of child support, the award of maintenance, the division of property and the disposition of debt.

When we represent a party to a divorce, we not only must work as his or her lawyer, but we must also help our client through an extremely difficult and trying time in his or her life. From a young age, the vast majority of us have had thoughts of our marriage and the creation of our families. No one goes into a marriage contemplating its failure. We realize that people pursuing divorce have great fear concerning the Courts’ order as it relates to their children, home, income, retirement, personal property, and their debts. We make ourselves available to answer questions in an effort to allay fears. We have helped hundreds of people successfully navigate extremely difficult and contentious divorces. We have the experience, knowledge, and tenacity to help you.