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Why Choose Our Firm

officebuildingHomemakers contribute greatly to the acquisition of a families’ wealth in that they meet the responsibilities of rearing the parties’ children and running the household thus enabling the breadwinner to enhance his or her career.

We work with our clients to investigate, organize and present the facts necessary to prove to the Court that the disposition of property that they deserve is warranted.

A basic fact is that people in a marriage wherein the parties treat one another fairly and work together usually do not need divorce attorneys, those people do not get divorced. We become involved when the parties decide that the partnership no longer works. We perceive our job to be helping a client maintain significant assets so that she or he can move forward in life after divorce.

Who are the people who hire Michael C. Todt to represent them in their Divorce, Motion to Modify or Paternity action?

We represent people who wish to partner with a law firm that listens to them, communicates with them and works with them to accomplish their goals within the precepts of the law in Missouri. People retain us when other attorneys tell them that they have to settle for results that they feel are contrary to the best interest of their children or are unfair to them.