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“Character Aggressiveness. Honesty. Sharon does not want to see her client dissatisfied. She is very aware of what you’re going through and she fights for you.”

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“Very aggressive. Hard hitter, high ball. Strong Presence in court and strong analytical skills.”


“They are well-respected in the community.”


“Their personality shows confidence and strength as well as stability.”


“They make you feel wanted. They really listen to you and they are quick to respond.”


“I like the aggressive style. There’s no B.S. I went to a bunch of others before I went to them – so I know.”


“Knowledge of the law. They seem to be up to speed on what they needed to know and how it’s done.”


“Michael is very aggressive – appropriately aggressive for a lawyer in family law. He knows what he’s doing and he’s good at it. He’s very empathetic – he’d listen to me vent.”


“I’d say their ability to deal with other attorneys is their strongest characteristic. There just was no give…they were very aggressive.”

“Aggressiveness. They just went after it. They haven’t let up.”


“Highly respected in the courts – known to be knowledgeable. It is well known that if you hire Michael Todt, you mean business.”


“They are just good. I didn’t lose one time with them. They get the truth to come out.”


“Sharon is really good at dealing with me through a very personal situation. If she were a doctor, I’d say she had excellent bedside manner.”


“Knowledge and aggressiveness and thoroughness = trust.”


“You need to know that it might take too long, but they make sure they get the job done.”


“They know what they are doing. They are pretty straightforward and aggressive.”


“They are top-notch. I wouldn’t call anyone else.”


“I would say if you want the job done right, hire Sharon Cody. Granted, you’ll have to pay but she’ll get what you want done.”


“They know their stuff. And if you can get your venue in St. Charles, do it, Michael knows everyone in St. Charles. They’ll spend more time with you and really work hard for you.”


“It’s been a fantastic experience. You would be short-changing yourself if you don’t go with them.”